March 21, 2024

The National Football League seeks to safeguard player safety with the implementation of a new rule: banning the a tackle known as a 'hip-drop'. with the intention of avoiding injuries to the players who receive this manoeuvre.

It is thus proposed to amend Rule 12, Section 2, by introducing a new Rule 18, as they consider that it tackle is dangerous and caused quite a few injuries to players during the 2023, most notably Geno Smith, Tyreek Hill and Mark Andrews.

Thus, the following would be considered missing (for a loss of 15 yards and a first down) if the player grabs another player with both hands or wraps his arms around him, then throws him off balance by twisting and lowering his hips or lower body and finally lands on the opponent's legs.

The board of owners of the NFL will be the following 24 March and will be one of the issues to be discussed, although the NFL Players Association is opposed, as this rule would create confusion among players and officials.

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