May 5, 2023

Sergio Pérez spoke to the media in MiamiThe Formula 1 Grand Prix in Florida, where he is looking for the lead over his team-mate at the Florida Grand Prix. Red Bull RacingMax Verstappen.

For now, he reflected on his strength on street circuits, where he has five victories out of six in the F1.

"I think on street circuits you have to be very strong in the race, very strong with the pressure. You have to be able to handle the pressure because you can't make mistakes. If you make a small mistake, normally on a normal circuit you can get away with it. But on the streets, you can't get away with those mistakes. And I'm probably more confident than others on race day," he said.

"Checo hopes that he will not be remembered as a driver who figures on such circuits, as what he experienced in Baku can be achieved anywhere.

"In the end, the way I won in the BakuI can do it at pure pace, no matter if it's a street circuit or a permanent one. If I can do it in Baku, I can do it anywhere.

He added: "The reason I am strong on these circuits is because I can play with the car a lot more than before. So I don't see any reason why if we go to different circuits I won't be able to play with the car in the same way.


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