Helmut Marko Questions FIA Consistency After Monaco Crash

May 26, 2024

The Monaco Grand Prix started with a dramatic accident caused by Kevin Magnussen, which knocked Mexican driver Sergio Pérez out of the race. Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko expressed his bewilderment at the FIA's decision not to investigate the incident.

Despite the collision between Pérez and Magnussen, the stewards decided not to carry out an investigation. On the contrary, later on, Esteban Ocon was penalised for a collision with his Alpine team-mate Pierre Gasly.

Helmut Marko expressed his astonishment at the speed with which the FIA declined to investigate the initial incident between Red Bull and Haas, while taking the time to analyse the second incident.

"I was surprised at how quickly the stewards resolved this incident," the 81-year-old Austrian told Sky Sports Germany after the conclusion of the Monaco Grand Prix. "But unfortunately these are decisions that you can hardly influence," he added.

The severe accident could have had more serious consequences for Perez, who only suffered a bruised elbow. However, the damage to his car could cost the team between 2 and 3 million euros, a significant figure given the budget constraints imposed on the teams.

"On the one hand there is the danger of a collision and on the other hand the damage to the car, which amounts to between 2 and 3 million, which has a huge impact on our budget limit," Marko underlined.

The Red Bull consultant continues to question the FIA's criteria, suggesting that the decisions made leave much to be desired and create confusion as to the consistency of their application in similar incidents.

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