March 7, 2024

The work of Andy Warhol continues to increase in value over the years. On this occasion, a portrait that he painted of the Princess Diana of Wales was auctioned at London and reached USD 3 million.

The Phillips Auction House was in charge of this transaction, where it Diana She is painted on a blue background, but her hair, eyes and dress are the same shade.

This work was made in 1982 by the American artist, who is considered the father of 'Pop Art' and is said to have been inspired by the official photograph that was taken of Diana in 1981 after her engagement to her husband. Charles III, now king of Great Britain.

There are three other versions of this work dedicated to Diana, such as pink, violet and green, which is a characteristic of Warhol in his works, just as he did with Marilyn Monroe.

Information from Forbes.

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